23 Nov 2011

Birding the net makes strong impression with surfers

By Audubon
Audubon’s innovative social media campaign Birding the Net earnt 91 million website impressions during the past few weeks. Pelicans flying across computer screens and “spokesbirds” giving clues on Twitter enticed many thousands of people to play Birding the Net, competing for the grand prize of a cruise for two to the Galapagos Islands courtesy of Lindblad Expeditions. The cyberspace event not only doubled traffic at and increased Audubon’s online community across email and social media, but connected newcomers to the beauty of birds and introduced the next step: birding in the real world, offline and outdoors. Hundreds of players and fans wrote in on Facebook, Twitter and blogs to share tips with each other, and to praise Birding the Net for opening up a new world of birds and birding. Here are a few great testimonials about the game: "Finally found the last bird and just wanted to thank Audubon for an awesome game. A lot of outreach initiatives (and advertising) have started focusing on social media, but this has blown everything else I've seen out of the water. Keep up the good work and thanks for the adventure!" - Christina Hoh (Facebook, November 7, 2011) "I have now found twenty-two birds on birding the net and can't wait to go in real life." - Siarah Hall, age 11 (Email to Audubon, October 27, 2011) An exclusive Birding the Net screensaver captures the fun and beauty of the game's virtual birds. You can download the screensaver here: