7 Jan 2011

Awards during the Americas Partnership Meeting

By BirdLife Americas
2010 Awards on Biodiversity conservation and development in Latin America The project “Linking sites, linking people: flyways, biodiversity and development in Latin America” was approved to be supported by Fundación Biodiversidad at the beginning of 2010. The project focused on: -Capacity building for local development and IBA conservation -Information exchange and awareness raising -Award of biodiversity conservation and development in Latin America. Fundación Biodiversidad’s support comprised two awards of 7.000 Euros each for two projects developed in Latin America and the Caribbean. The prizes were to be awarded to projects built around local community involvement in conservation and development activities. Over 50 project proposals were received by BirdLife from 19 countries in the region. After a very difficult process of selection, two projects were selected: one in Brazil and one in Ecuador: •Sustainable use of forests and organic cocoa production through farmer cooperatives in the Serra das Lontras-Una forest complex, Bahia Province, Brazil: led by SAVE Brasil (BirdLife in Brazil) •Environmental management for local groups at three IBAs in north-west of Pichincha, Ecuador led by Aves & Conservación (BirdLife in Ecuador) These Fundación Biodiversidad Awards were announced at a special ceremony held at the CBD meeting in Nagoya, Japan in October 2010 and awarded to representatives of the winning projects during the Americas Partnership Meeting held in Quito from 13 to 17th of December, 2010. With these awards, SEO (BirdLife in Spain) and the BirdLife Americas Secretariat are highlighting the strong links that exist between biodiversity conservation and poverty reduction. World Bird Festival in the Americas During October 2010, 10 countries of the Americas participated in the World Bird Festival under the campaign theme: “Biodiversity is life, biodiversity is our life”.. With funding from Fundación Biodiversidad, the Americas Secretariat of BirdLife International was able to produce a series of educational and outreach materials that were sent to these countries. As a result, the World Bird Festival directly reached more than 6,000, with over 60.000 people reached indirectly through the media in the region. As part of the campaign BirdLife established a competition to give a name to the 2010 Americas Festival logo. The name selected through an online voting process was “Chi, chio”, the name given for a group of children in Chile to the bird cartoon that accompanied us in the World Bird Festival. The award was presented to the representative of CODEFF (BirdLife in Chile).