11 Dec 2012

Aves Uruguay working with rural children and teachers

By avesuruguay
  Last September 11th 2012 we were welcomed in the schools N° 10, N° 23 and N° 59. In this last one call “Quintana´s Corner School” (Escuela Rincón de Quintana) took place the first workshop in countryside schools (from a total of three workshops). Julio Inguini, farmer and technician of the Crows Ravine Farm Cooperative (Cooperativa Agraria Quebrada de los Cuervos), shared with children how university, farmers (from the Cooperative) and Aves Uruguay / Alianza del Pastizal work together in the zone, to know more about conservation of the pasturelands and its biodiversity. Diego Caballero and Pablo Rocca, Biologists from Aves Uruguay, explained which are the activities that researchers do, the importance of the conservation of birds and natural pasturelands, and the relevance at a global level that this biome has (ecological community where a type of vegetation dominates). Students had the opportunity to work with binoculars, fieldbooks and booklets about birds’ species. Together with the teachers they performed observations and registered the birds they saw around the school and next to their houses. It is planned that in the next workshops children show their results to the community. These activities correspond to the Project “Handling of the pasturelands and participative investigation for the conservation and development in the Crows Ravine”  ("Manejo de los pastizales e investigación participativa para la conservación y desarrollo local en la Quebrada de los Cuervos”), funded by the Little Donations Programme GEF/PNUD and the SNAP (Protected Areas National System). Also they count with the Alianza del Pastizal support, and are an input for the Crows Ravine Protected Landscape Environmental Education Programme, to be developed as the management plan of the area. Picture 1. Students practicing how to use the binoculars, School N° 59. (Pablo Rocca) Picture 2. First workshop "knowing more about grassland birds and natural field". (Diego Caballero) Picture 3. Farmer from the Cooperative explaning to students the partnership between institutions and funders. (Pablo Rocca).    Students drawings. Finance:   Supports:   Visit: Aves Uruguay Alianza del Pastizal