15 Oct 2010

Americas IBA directory chapters now available in Spanish (Portuguese, French and Dutch)

By BirdLife Americas
All country chapters of the Americas Important Bird Area (IBA) directory are now available for download in their principal languages. A total of 19 chapters are available in Spanish, two in Dutch, one in French and one in Portuguese. Of course, there are many more languages in the Americas, reflecting the huge diversity of indigenous cultures, which like so many aspects of the Americas can only be described with superlatives. For example, the region is dominated by the longest mountain chain on the planet, and crossed by some of the largest rivers in the world, such as the Amazon and the Mississippi. A wealth of habitats, from the Tundra to Tierra de Fuego is reflected in an incredible bird diversity, much of which, sadly, is threatened. In fact, more than a tenth of all bird species in the region are threatened with extinction. Important Bird Areas are a tool to turn this situation around, and the Americas IBA Directory provides a succinct summary of the most important sites in a hemisphere for bird conservation. Download the country IBA profiles here: In Spanish In Portuguese In French In Dutch

Black Skimmer (Rynchops niger) Photo: Murray Cooper