28 Jul 2016

10 stunning portraits of Argentinian birds [PHOTOS]

Black-browed Albatross © David Cook
Black-browed Albatross © David Cook
By Irene Lorenzo

Today we don't only celebrate 100 years of our Partner Aves Argentinas but also the incredible biodiversity they conserve. This is only the first round!

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1. Hooded Grebe Podiceps gallardoi

Aves Argentinas has been working to protect this species for years. Patagonia National Park became a protected area because of this critically endangered grebe. Photo by Alberto Franke.

2. Yellow Cardinal Gubernatrix cristata

Its melodious song is its curse - the species is being traded to extinction as it is sold as a cagebird. Aves Argentinas is working to end its illegal trade. Photo by Matías Romano.

3. Black-browed Albatross Thalassarche melanophris

This species has been downlisted to Near Threatened as it is no longer estimated to be undergoing very rapid population declines. High levels of mortality of this species are reported from longline and trawl fisheries in the South Atlantic but the Albatross Task Force is working to stop it. Photo by David Cook.

4. Sandy Gallito Teledromas fuscus

One of the many endemic species of Argentina. While its population is not endangered, it's a local favourite! Photo by Ignacio Hernández.

5. Magellanic Penguin Spheniscus magellanicus

One of the most well-known penguins of Argentina. Overall moderately rapid declines are thought to have been sustained and as a result it is listed as Near Threatened. Photo by Annick Morgenthaler.

6. Andean Condor Vultur gryphus

One of the largest birds in the world. In many South-American countries, the condor is almost sacred. Unfortunately their populations are declining significantly. Photo by Mark Dumont.

7. Swallow-tailed Manakin Chiroxiphia caudata

Symbols of the Atlantic forest, these colourful birds attract a lot of birdwatching tourists! Photo by Ángel Prato.

8. Torrent Duck Merganetta armata

This colourful bird is found along the Andes of South America and is relatively common in Argentina. Common birds deserve love too! Photo by Daniela Zaffignani.

9. Swainson's Hawk Buteo swainsoni

These amazing migratory birds spend their winters in Argentina and their summers in the US. In the 90s, Aves Argentinas stopped the mass-poisoning of nearly 6,000 individuals as a result of pesticide use. Today its population trend is stable. Photo by NPS/Patrick Myers.

10. Strange-tailed Tyrant Alectrurus risora

This beautiful endangered bird lives in the grasslands of South America. Currently it only occupies 10% of its original distribution. Aves Argentinas manages the El Bagual nature reserve which aims to protect it. Photo by Ángel Prato.