Vision for Migratory Birds and Flyways in Africa

Colony of Royal Tern off the shore of Senegal ©Veda Photography

African Eurasian Migratory Landbirds Action Plan (AEMLAP)                               Migratory Soaring Birds (MSB)

Conservation of Migratory Birds (CMB)                                                              Illegal Killing of Birds (IKB)


Every year, thousands of millions of birds travel from Europe, Asia to Africa using routes known as Flyways. The wonder of these migrations has always fascinated human kind. It is recognized that periodic coming and going of birds is one of the worlds most impressive natural phenomenon and demonstrates incredible feats of their endurance.  

To complete their life cycle, migratory birds depend on a network of sites along the flyway that are essential for breeding, resting, moulting and feeding. Loss or degradation of a site within the chain of sites they use implies that It will be more difficult for a migratory bird to complete its annual migration, reproduce and survive. Pressures in one site can have negative effects on bird populations in other sites within the same migratory flyway. Hence, conservation and management actons to prevent the decline in migratory birds have to take place at both site and flyway scales, recognising the ecological connectivity between sites. 

Migratory birds are ambassadors connecting countries and people, ignoring our own political and social barriers. They link people, cultures, economies, conservation and development issues and offer an extraordinary opportunity for international collaboration.


BirdLife Africa Partnership  through its Migratory birds and Flyways Programme has an ambition to fulfil conservation objectives for migratory birds in the East Atlantic flyway, Black Sea Mediterranean and East Africa-west Asia Flyways by bringing together expertise in conservation science and delivery, partner development, youth and education, policy and advocacy, fundraising and communications across organisations and cultures, whilst simultaneously involving and engaging supporters in a popular movement to save migratory birds.

What will happen at CAP?

Birdlife Partners will come together and endorse a migratory birds conservation plan in the African- Eurasian region, as a contribution to BirdLife's Migratory birds and Flyways Programme and the global vision for migratory birds. They will build on their experience and best practices across Africa to develop a plan for coordinated and collaborative action along the flyways in the Africa-Eurasia region.


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