Protect African vultures

Vultures are often shunned as dirty and ugly. They are often associated with bad omen or even death, factors that have shaped people’s attitudes towards them.

However, vultures are perhaps the most important birds in the ecosystem, providing carcass and organic waste disposal services. Also known as “nature’s clean-up crew”, vultures consume carcasses that would otherwise rot away and become disease reservoirs, thus reducing the spread of diseases such as tuberculosis to human beings and other animals.

Nevertheless, over the last 50 years, populations of African vultures have rapidly declined by 80-97% (over 92% in five species).

Concerted efforts are required to save vultures. Governments, policymakers, conservationists and international bodies should come together and address this challenge that has the potential to destabilise the ecosystem, with far-reaching socioeconomic effects.

Here you will find more information about what we are doing to save this amazing species of birds.