Ecosystem Conservation for Climate Change Adaptation in East Africa

Akanyaru wetlands, Rwanda. Photo: Evariste Rutebuka

The project brings together four BirdLife Partners in East Africa to raise awareness of ecosystem-based adaptation (EbA) and to develop capacity within government and civil society to implement EbA.

EbA is the use of biodiversity and ecosystem services to help people adapt to climate change. Sustainable management, conservation and restoration of ecosystems can reduce people’s vulnerability to climate change and ensure that ecosystems continue to provide important economic, social and cultural benefits.

Project factsheet: Ecosystem Conservation for Climate Change Adaptation in East Africa

Project sites:

  • Yala Swamp, Kenya
  • Akanyaru Wetland, Rwanda
  • Echuya Forest, Uganda
  • Mpungwe Mountain Chain, Burundi

Project Duration: April 2012-March 2015

Implementing Partners:

Supporting Partners:
BirdLife International Secretariat (UK), BirdLife International Africa Partnership Secretariat

Funding support:

UK Government’s Darwin Initiative