Our policy work

African Jacana. Photo: Takashi Hososhima, Flickr
African Jacana. Photo: Takashi Hososhima, Flickr

Policy work in Africa is coordinated by the Africa Policy and Advocacy Working Group (APAWG), which was established by the Council of the African Partnership (CAP), the main governance organ for BirdLife in 2000. APAWG comprises  14 people drawn from across Africa. Its members are experts in various fields and they act as the focal points for those areas.  APAWG current focal points

APAWG’s mission is to contribute solutions to critical questions in providing advice to the Birdlife Africa Partnership on regional priorities for bird and biodiversity conservation so as to influence policy issues that affect the achievement of the Partnership programme goals through greater engagement with others, and implementation and monitoring of sectoral issues.

The team consists of a Chair, Vice-Chair, African Policy and Advocacy Coordinator, Africa Regional Committee member, Global Policy Advocacy Working Group member, co-opted member(s), and all Regional Focal Points. 

Under APAWG, the African Sites Casework on Emerging Threats Taskforce (ASCET) was formed in 2010. The Taskforce has already been supporting  on-going advocacy work at sites (case-work) and is also looking into how best to address emergency threats in a pro-active way.