Africa Site Casework

Flamingos at Lake Nakoru. Photo: Wikimedia
Flamingos at Lake Nakoru. Photo: Wikimedia

The Africa Site Casework showcases efforts by the BirdLife Africa Partnership through the African Sites Casework and Emerging Threats Taskforce (ASCET) to save key threatened sites through advocacy campaigns.

Africa’s 59 countries and territories host 1,250 Important Bird and Biodiversity Areas (IBAs). IBAs are priority sites for biodiversity conservation identified using objective and scientifically proven criteria. These criteria are based on information on birds, but the sites themselves are often important for other biodiversity and provide ecosystem services that underpin local livelihoods and national economies.

In recent years, IBAs in Africa, have been facing serious threats from  human needs for development. Large ‘unsustainable development’ projects and the pressures of population growth are among the key threats to the IBAs. These threats often cause very severe damage to the IBAs, the biodiversity and the birds within them that are of significant conservation concern. As a result, the lives and livelihoods of adjacent communities are also affected.

In 2003, the Council for African Partnership (CAP), which is the main body for governance, set up the Africa Policy and Advocacy Working Group (APAWG) to advise the Partnership on policy and advocacy approaches. APAWG consists of focal points from Partners, nominated based on expertise and/or Partner interest in a subject, e.g. desertification. ASCET is a sub-group of APAWG.

What is on the Africa Site Casework webpage?

The BirdLife Africa Secretariat has been leading the work especially to support partners faced with emergency threats at IBAs. The following sites highlight  efforts to save some of Africa’s most threatened IBAs.

  1. Lake Natron, Tanzania
  2. Dakatcha Woodlands, Kenya
  3. Mutulanganga woodland, Zambia
  4. Wakkerstroom, South Africa
  5. Tana Delta, Kenya
  6. Lower Zambezi, Zambia
  7. Sao Tome, Lowland Forest
  8. Letseng, Lesotho


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