Liberia - The Society for Conservation of Nature in Liberia (SCNL)

BirdLife Affiliate

Founded in 1986
Members: 600
Staff: 21
Monrovia, P.O. Box 2628, Monrovia, LR, 1000


Mission of the organisation

Promote nature conservation, support the establishment of a protected area network, encourage good governance of natural resource management and increase public participation in biodiversity conservation.

Key Activities

  • Building institutional capacities in government and civil society for effective natural resource management
  • Strengthening local, national and regional capacities through training for biodiversity conservation
  • Establishing and supporting Site Support Groups (SSGs) at Important Bird Areas (IBAs) around the country
  • Promoting conservation education and public awareness of the importance of the economic, environmental, aesthetic and cultural values of natural resources including advocacy for the creation of a protected area network and species protection
  • Improving alternative livelihood opportunities for communities around protected areas for poverty alleviation