7 Jun 2012

This year's WMBD celebrations in Botswana rocked!

By Venancia.Ndoo
On the 28th of April, BirdLife Botswana (BLB) and the Government of Botswana's Department of Wildlife and National Parks, in partnership with the American Embassy, celebrated the World Migratory Bird Day at Tlokweng SOS Children's Village. As birds and people are connected in different ways, the theme for this year's celebrations was "Migratory Birds and People - Together Through Time", emphasizing the cultural, social, historic, economic and spiritual relationships between birds and people. The main objectives of the celebrations this year were to: 1. Raise awareness and promote conservation of birds, especially migratory species, 2. Develop an interest and knowledge of birds among children, including orphans, the disabled and those affected by HIV/AIDS, and 3. Promote Botswana's indigenous knowledge on conservation at grassroots level. 550 students participated in the event, including from primary, secondary and tertiary schools and special institutions (Tlamelong Rehabilitation Centre, Holy Cross Hospice and SOS Children's Village). The atmosphere was electric as there were 18 performances of songs, playing of musical instruments, presentations and dramas depicting migratory birds and environmental issues. BLB also invited four different stakeholders, NGOs and government departments to set up their stalls for disseminating information and environmental education. As one of the environmental awareness days, the event presented an opportunity for local communities and schools to become more aware of various environmental issues, and ways to prevent and control environmental destruction. The participants received commemorative T-shirts which were specially designed for the day. It surely was a memorable day for those children who participated.