29 May 2016

New book release from Libya brings joy to ornithologists

Saker Falcon © Irene Mel, Flickr
Saker Falcon © Irene Mel, Flickr
By Obaka Torto

Bird conservation and identification in Libya has reached a new milestone with the release of a new guide titled ‘Birds of Libya’. This book is an annotated checklist of the 350 bird species recorded in Libya.

There is information on the geography and climate, a comprehensive list of all the recorded bird species of wild origin, a biogeographical analysis of the breeding species and the place of Libya in the Mediterranean and Palearctic–Afrotropical migration systems. The annotated checklist also provides data on the species' status, phenology, distribution, habitat, nesting and the origin of migrants and winter visitors.

In recent times, Libya has progressed in the field of bird conservation. One of the major challenges to bird conservation in Libya is the use of weapons for hunting throughout the year, especially during the migration period. Efforts are being made by NGOs such as the Libyan Society for Birds (LSB), to save birds and decrease hunting of migratory birds.

Libyan citizens are just as passionate about nature as those in other countries, and the compilation of this book proves the future is bright for biodiversity in Libya. Birds of Libya/Oiseaux de Libye is translated in both English and French, and is the result of cooperation between ornithologists from Libya, France, Germany and Tunisia.


Birds of Libya is available at: