6 May 2013

My internship with BirdLife International

By Venancia.Ndoo
Paul Tersoo Paul Tersoo


I have always loved the idea of internships with institutions or conservation organizations since my MSc days at A. P. Leventis Ornithological Research Institute (APLORI), Jos Nigeria. As students of conservation biology, we knew quite a handful about BirdLife International and some of its activities. For us, it was the highest conservation body as far as ornithology was concerned and held it in high esteem. The thought of working closely with this organization, was one close to our hearts as young and upcoming conservationists.

Quite naturally, I was overwhelmed with joy when the offer of internship with BirdLife was announced to me.

It was the beginning of a fulfilling career, with thoughts of opportunities this door will open eventually and was immediately determined to make the most of it. I was attending the 13th Pan Africa Ornithological Congress in Arusha, Tanzania last year (2012) when I was informed of this internship. The internship was a fruit of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between BirdLife and APLORI signed at that congress, and I became the first to benefit from it.

My main task is to produce a report on the State of Africa’s Birds to be launched at the BirdLife International World Congress in Ottawa, Canada in June, 2013. It has been a challenging but exciting stay here at the Africa Partnership Secretariat in Nairobi so far, with lots of love and support from colleagues. I am indebted to A.P. Leventis, S.A. Manu, P. Hall, Ulf Ottosson and my beloved family for their support and encouragements. As every day brings me a step closer to the end of my contract, my secret desire is to become a full member of this family, looking forward…..

ASANTE Apeverga, Paul Tersoo