1 Nov 2013

Lake Natron Bulletin continues to provide information to thousands

Lesser Flamingos breeding at Lake Natron (Photo: Sean Avery)
By nairobi.volunteer

The Lake Natron Update Bulletin for October 2013 is out! The latest issue highlights continued interest by the Government of Tanzania to build a soda ash plant at Lake Natron, the most important breeding site for Lesser Flamingos (Phoeniconaias minor). BirdLife International, Lake Natron Consultative Group, the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds and local communities at Lake Natron are opposed to these plans citing possible breeding disruption. 

The Update Bulletin which was first sent out on 20th June 2007 has become an important source of information to thousands of people who support this cause.  It is prepared in consultation with contacts and stakeholders and sent by the BirdLife Africa Secretariat, Nairobi, Kenya.

“Many across the globe look forward to this bulletin for updates and information.  It is gratifying to see how the mailing list has grown from a few scores to thousands.  It goes to show  that many across the world would like see Lake Natron’s integrity preserved” Said Ken Mwathe, Programme Coordinator, Policy and Advocacy.


Lake Natron Maasai community leaders at a Cultural Centre: Local communities would lose tourism revenue if soda ash mining is allowed. (Photo: Ken Mwathe)

Over the years, the bulletin has grown to include other sites facing various damaging developments such as Lower Zambezi (Zambia), Tana Delta and Dakatcha woodlands (Kenya), Letseng (Lesotho), Serengeti (Tanzania), and Sao Tome Lowland Forets (Sao Tome).

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The detailed October 2013 Lake Natron Update Bulletin in accessible here

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Story by Ken Mwathe, Caroline Njoki and Olivia Adhiambo (