10 Jan 2011

Important Bird Areas in Africa and Associated Islands: Priority Sites for Conservation

By Rory Mccann
Edited by Birdlife International, Lincoln DC Fishpool and Michael I Evans 1144 pages £14.99  BUY NOW Africa's 2,300 bird species include 340 of global conservation concern. This book details 1228 sites in 58 countries in Africa which support such threatened species, or meet other criteria to qualify as Important Bird Areas (IBAs). Africa's IBAs cover 7 percent of the continent's land area. The island of Bouvetoya has one IBA of 50 km2; South Africa has 101 IBAs, while the total area covered by Sudan's IBAs is more than 180,000km2. Country summaries provide environmental, geographic, political and cultural information as well as conservation factors and ornithological summaries. Sites are mapped and line drawings of some key bird species are included. 16 pages of full-colour photographs show main habitat types. "Should be bought by everyone involved in the conservation of Africa's birds" - Oryx. "An invaluable and incredibly detailed source of reference for birds throughout the continent, both for ornithologists and conservationists" - Biodiversity and Conservation.