4 May 2011

Drawing attention to the conservation of African vultures

By Venancia.Ndoo
Martha Mutiso recently completed a four month internship with the Hawk Mountain Sanctuary, over which time she produced a children’s colouring book titled The Vultures of Africa – A Coloring Book. The book will be distributed to schools and conservation organisations throughout Africa to raise awareness of the plight of Africa’s vultures. All 11 of Africa’s vulture species are featured in the book, each with a line drawing that can be coloured in and a description of what the species looks like, where it lives, what it eats and its conservation status. It is hoped that the book will raise the profile of African vultures, a group of birds whose populations are in rapid decline due to loss of habitat, persecution and poisoning. Martha’s colouring book, which has been published and is available online was compiled with the help of colleagues from Hawk Mountain Sanctuary, The Peregrine Fund and The Endangered Wildlife Trust. BirdLife International and The Mohammed Bin Zayed Species Conservation Fund supported in printing initial copies of the book. Hawk Mountain is one of the oldest and largest raptor conservation organisations in the USA. It offers a range of internship programs to young conservation scientists from developing countries and the United States, with the principle aim of raising awareness and support for raptor conservation globally. During the four-month internship program, interns work alongside scientists from the Hawk Mountain Sanctuary to come up with and complete individual and group projects.