3 Jun 2014

Community Resource Planning in Lutembe and Mabamba Bays, Uganda

Lutembe women’s group in one of the PRA exercises (Photo: Dianah Nalwanga/Nature Uganda)
By Obaka Torto

Two local conservation groups in Uganda; one in Lutembe bay (Lutembe bay Wetland Users Association) and one in Mabamba bay (Mabamba bay Wetland Eco-tourism Association) have been undertaking a resource planning activity to inform the development of Community Action Plans. A Community Action Plan is a statement of community’s vision, values and intentions in relation to use and management of their natural capital.

The exercise which kicked off in November 2013 involved natural resource assessments through the use of Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA) tools. The tools that were applied included; community resource map, resource access and timeline, and hazard mapping among others. Information collected ranged from seasonal climatic variability, resource access and control as well as the livelihood hazards exposure.

Lutembe men’s group in one of the PRA exercises (Photo: Dianah Nalwanga/Nature Uganda)




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The PRA exercises which will culminate into Community Action Plans will inform the review of district wetland management plans under Uganda’s Ministry of Water and Environment. Members of both Lutembe Wetland Users Association and Mabamba bay Wetland Eco-tourism Association majorly depend on natural resources for their livelihood. Therefore the exercise will not only enable the two communities to understand their status and current dependency on natural resources. But will also encourage better use and management of natural resources.

Mabamba Bay LCG conducting a PRA exercise (Photo: Dianah Nalwanga/Nature Uganda)


Nature Uganda, the BirdLife partner in Uganda, has been facilitating the process in both Lutembe bay and Mabamba bay under the “Empowering local communities for the conservation and sustainable development of birds and biodiversity of the Lake Victoria Basin” project. The project seeks to empower local conservation groups to successfully incorporate their development needs into natural resource management through capacity building, resource mobilization and policy influencing. The project is financed by the generous support of the A. V Jensen Foundation.

Story by Dianah Nalwanga-Wabwire (Nature Uganda) and Olivia Adhiambo (BirdLife International)