2 Nov 2015

The BirdLife Africa Partnership begins a new chapter at CAP

CAP members holding up posters in support of the Vulture Campaign ©BirdLife International
By Obaka Torto - BirdLife International

"The  BirdLife Council for the Africa Partnership (CAP) is the top governance organ for the BirdLife Africa Partnership, established to review and decide on regional policies and programmes of BirdLife International in Africa"– Mr. Mark D. Anderson. 

The BirdLife Council for the Africa Partnership (CAP) meeting recently took place from 9th to14th October at the Royal Senchi Hotel in Akosombo, Ghana. It was hosted by Ghana WildLife Society (GWS), the BirdLife Partner in Ghana, under the theme “Reaching out for the benefit of nature and people in Africa". Biennially, CAP brings together Partner CEOs, Supporting Partners, organizations wishing to join the network and other institutional partners. A remarkable milestone was achieved at CAP 2015 in that it successfully brought together over Partners and other other stakeholders within and outside the conservation community. 

The meeting strengthened the engagement of Partners and Secretariat with players in the extractive industry, agriculture and the energy sectors to deliver the BirdLife Strategy in Africa; enhanced cohesion of the Partnership to work together to implement, monitor and report on their contributions to the BirdLife Strategy 2020 in Africa at national and regional levels; galvanised action around three initiatives to: i) save Africa’s vultures; ii) scale up marine work in West Africa; and iii) link up migrants work across the Africa-Eurasia region; and developed plans at national and regional level for Capacity Development to ensure that all partners meet the new BirdLife Criteria by 2017.

Of key focus were the following:

  • BirdLife Programme implementation
  • Responding to the vulture crisis in Africa
  • A strategy for the conservation of migratory birds in Africa
  • Giving wings to marine conservation in Africa's Atlantic Coast
  • Growing the BirdLife Partnership in Africa
  • Fundraising for the Africa Partnership
  • Policy and Advocacy Strategy for Africa

Other key workshops were held to assess opportunities to engage the BirdLife Africa Partnership in the future. These included discussions about the BirdLife Arcadia Project phase II, forest conservation in Africa through the BirdLife Forests of Hope programme, and the ecosystem profile for the Guinean Forests of Central and West Africa.

Some of the important outcomes included the following below among others:

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  • Election of  a new CAP Chairman, Dr. Kabelo Senyatso of BirdLife Botswana, and new Vice Chairman Mr. Adeniyi Karunwi, respectively for the period 2015-2017.
  • Improved network development with the recruitment of Nature Mauritanie as a BirdLife Partner for Mauritania.
  • Partners agreed to align their strategies, plans and action plans with the BirdLife strategy 2020
  • Establishment of new focal points for the East Atlantic Flyway Initiative

The Council for the Africa Partnership meeting also coincided with the first ever Pan African Business and Forum involving over 200 participants from 41 countries worldwide, including business, governments, civil society, academia, development organisations and financial institutions.

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