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BirdLife International is a global Partnership of non-governmental organisations (NGOs) striving to conserve birds, their habitats and global biodiversity, working with people towards the sustainable use of natural resources.

In Africa, the BirdLife Africa Partnership is a growing network of 23 such organisations, with a combined total of more than 500 staff and 87,000 members. Through projects, BirdLife is active in a further 15 countries, hence overall working in a total of 39 countries.

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27 May  2020 -  #STOPtheKillings: Petition calls for action following the largest incident of vulture killings in the world

Guinea Bissau has lost more than 2000 Critically Endangered vultures in deliberate poisoning, in the world's largest incident of vulture deaths to date. We call on the Guinea Bissau government, CEDEAO and African Union to take ACTION and #StopTheKillings.
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MAY 2020
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17 July 2020. Deutsche Welle

VIDEO : Saving nature's cleanup crew in Kenya

Vultures are one of nature's greatest waste disposal services, cleaning up carcasses in the wild, but they are under threat. Nature Kenya is informing locals of the vital role vultures play in the ecosystem.
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