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Friends of Landbirds Action Plan (FLAP) is a platform or forum for all who care about the wellbeing of migratory landbirds: to share information, educate and interact with others; and in so doing promote the conservation of migratory landbirds.

Migratory landbirds have characteristics which make them unique. Consequently, human beings have over the years interacted with landbirds in various ways and have developed practices around, culture, art, commerce among others, as a result of this interaction.

At any given moment, you likely to readily spot a landbird, outside in your garden, visiting you at your balcony, coming to drink water in your home compound or chasing insect pests. It is most likely the bird whose melodious song you will wake up to at dawn. In some communities sounds made and songs sung by some landbirds are a sign of good tidings to come.

Unlike the water or coastal or large bodied soaring birds which follow certain narrow routes during migration, migratory landbirds use a broad-front migration strategy. They do not necessarily follow certain paths and they may transit in groups or as single individuals with some covering thousands of kilometers in a single flight.

So, once you set out to attend to your garden, or as you go to your place of work, or for a walk in the woods, or to harvest your farm produce, the bird that you are likely to see is a landbird which might have travelled many kilometers in its recent past or is preparing to cover long distances depending on its kind, where you find it or the time of the year.

So, we all interact with landbirds in many ways and that is why their wellbeing should concern us. 

But all is not well with migratory landbirds in the African-Eurasian flyway region. Over the years, their habitats have been degraded, millions of them caged, trapped or killed for food and other uses by humans.  Populations of some species have crashed. The international community including BirdLife has moved on to respond to this situation.

Starting of Friends of Landbirds Action Plan, FLAP, forum is such one response.


FLAP and the Convention on Migratory Species (CMS)

FLAP is contemplated in the CMS Resolution UNEP/CMS/Resolution 11.17 which adopted African Eurasian Migratory Landbirds Acton Plan (AEMLAP, the Action Plan). In this Resolution, signatories to the CMS agreed upon on the formation of FLAP, envisaged as an international forum of interested stakeholders including: farmers, students, professionals, lawmakers, policy implementers, specialists, conservation organizations/institutions/programmes or projects, researchers, educators, birdwatchers and all with an interest to promote conservation of migratory landbirds.  AEMLAP seeks to coordinate multi-stakeholder efforts.


Aims of FLAP

FLAP provides a platform for all interested to exchange information about migratory landbirds and promote implementation of AEMLAP. It is a forum for education, encouraging action to conserve migratory landbirds. It supports the work of AEMLAP Working Group including the Migratory Landbirds Study Group (MLSG).


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