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The Partnership Fair will take place during the CAP Opening Ceremony on 10th October, providing a platform for participants to showcase the amazing work of their organizations. This event will be an opportunity to interact and network with business leaders, development agencies, donors and environmental experts.

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1. Theme – Reaching out for the benefit of nature and people in Africa

2. Objectives

  • Partners to share and exchange ideas, lessons learnt from experiences in their countries
  • Partners to profile and showcase the work of their organization
  • Opportunity to launch or sell products from Partners or Secretariat

3. Venue:

  • Royal Senchi Hotel - outdoor lawn area, under a dome tent
  • Service provider will set up on 6th October
  • Number of booths will be 35 with a dimension of 2x3metres. Depending on the needs and amounts of materials each Partner has, booths may have to be shared.
  • Each booth will have one table, two chairs and access to power.
  • Booths will have a hard wall to allow sticking of posters using blu-tack or adhesive tapes.
  • If you would like to showcase a power-point presentation or video and do not have a laptop or monitor, arrangements can be made to provide you with one. (Please let us know ahead of time)

4. Time

  • Opening Ceremony: 10th October, 17:00 – 19:30
  • Partnership Fair : 10th October 19:30 – 21:30
  • Partners will have time to set up their booths from Thursday morning 8th October

5. Promoting/Profiling Opportunity for BirdLife Secretariat

  • BirdLife Secretariat will have one booth to profile their work through banners, posters and brochures
  • BirdLife Partners may be interviewed to talk briefly about the work they are doing regarding conservation in their countries. These interviews will be compiled into videos and disseminated through social and other international media outlets.

6. List of Exhibitors

  • BL Partners
  • Supporting Partners
  • Other external organisations
  • Pan African Business and Biodiversity Forum attendees will have priority to exhibit in the tent on Sunday 9th October. CAP attendees will exhibit mostly on Saturday 10th October

7. What will be exhibited/sold

  • Feedback from this email will be compiled and shared
  • Exhibits can be: Posters, Books, Leaflets/brochures, Videos
  • Items for sale can be: T-shirts, Caps, Calendars, brooches/pins, books, magazines, artefacts/crafts from their countries etc.

8. Entertainment

  • University dance troupe / Legon School of performing arts – During Opening Ceremony (17:00-19:30)
  • PowerPoint/ montage, e.g.  work of BirdLife International, vultures etc – During Partnership Fair
  • Video clips on interviews with CEOs from Africa Partners on conservation work, e.g. Ricoh tree planting video – During Partnership Fair
  • Live band - During  Closing Cocktail (19:30 – 21:30)

 Full Programme for Opening Ceremony and Partnership Fair,  Saturday 10th October


Welcome Remarks, GWS President
Welcome Remarks, Chair of CAP
Welcome remarks, BirdLife CEO
Entertainment – University dance troop from Legon school of performing arts


Partnership Fair – inside tent, 35 booths.
Closing cocktail – food and drinks
Live band


If interested in participating in the Partnership Fair, please send an email to In this email, list what you would like to exhibit or sell so that we may be able to allocate you an appropriate spot.