Business and Biodiversity Forum 2015


Investing in Natural Capital for Inclusive Development

9th-10th October 2015, Accra, Ghana


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    To promote increased sustainability within Africa’s development agenda through mainstreaming of natural capital  (biodiversity and ecosystem services), and improved public-private-civil society cooperation.


    Natural capital underpins all life forms and business operations worldwide. Africa is uniquely endowed with vast natural capital, perhaps capable of resourcing twice its current human population. The economic realities of most Africa countries, characterised by increasing poverty and resultant degradation of the environment, suggests otherwise. To advance an inclusive development that values natural capital in Africa and for Africans, the Africa Business and Biodiversity Forum aims to initiate constructive dialogue in four thematic areas: extractive industries, sustainable agriculture, energy-nature nexus, natural capital accounting. Furthermore, the forum will develop a roadmap for the establishment of National and Sub-regional Business and Biodiversity Networks. 

    How the forum will run

    The two-day event will start with a plenary session that gives an overview of the past, present and future of biodiversity and business in Africa. This will be followed by two series parallel sessions on: extractive industries, sustainable agriculture, energy-nature nexus and natural capital accounting. Each session will feature a keynote presentation followed by short presentations from panellists and a group discussion. The second plenary session on Day Two will feature the development of a road map for the establishment of National and Sub-regional Business and Biodiversity Networks under the Convention on Biological Diversity’s (CBD’s) Global Business and Biodiversity Partnership framework.

    Expected Results

    1. Linkages established/strengthened between private, public and civil society to understand and expand natural capital consideration in developing private sector plans and operations.
    2. Roadmap developed for the establishment of the National and Sub-regional Business and Biodiversity Networks.
    3. Best practices from the four thematic sessions promoted for consideration by companies working in the respective sectors.
    4. Partnership identified between government, development agencies, private sector and civil society, and explored to deliver mutually beneficial outcome and less adversarial operations of the private sector through offset and PES initiatives.

    Forum Partners

    Government of Ghana, WBCSD, African Development Bank, World Bank, PACCI, United Nations (CBDECAUNEP-WCMCUNEP), IUCN, ACTSTBCICMMFARAACTSAGRAWWFCCA

    Target Audience

    Corporate, government, civil society, bilateral and multilateral organisations, Regional Institutions and Economic Communities, development agencies, diplomatic community, donors, foundations, social media and many more.

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