Write BirdLife into your will

Have birds and nature inspired you throughout your life?  

If so, then you’ll know why one of the most precious legacies you can bestow is to ensure their wellbeing for years to come by writing BirdLife International into your will.

A gift of this kind is one of the most effective ways to preserve the long-term joy and wonder birds and nature will bring to others in future. By acting now you can be sure that whatever problems birds face in the future, we will be there to help, so future generations can continue to be inspired as you have been in your lifetime. 

The legacies that BirdLife has received over the years have been crucial in helping us accelerate work in areas of priority. For example - identifying, legally protecting and working with BirdLife Partners and local communities on the day to day management of Important Bird Areas. 

Whatever the gift you choose to leave, we will invest it wisely so you can be sure it will help us make a real difference for birds, nature and people.

Please contact us if you would like confidential and friendly personal advice on how to get started. All consultations with BirdLife International are kept strictly confidential and we will never pass any of your details or circumstances on to any other organisation or third party.


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Different countries of the world have different taxation regimes. on legacies. It may be possible to reduce any inheritance tax liability on your estate by leaving a legacy to the BirdLife Partner in your country of residence.