TESSA Training

“This has been an exciting learning moment on something I knew very little about” (TESSA workshop participant, Kenya 2013)


TESSA Training


TESSA training workshops have been instrumental in building the capacity of conservation practitioners to understand and assess ecosystem services at the site-scale. Training workshops are led by the TESSA partner, Tropical Biology Association, which has 25 years’ experience of supporting practitioners to develop new skills to manage natural environments sustainably, for the benefit of people and biodiversity. Trainers are intimately familiar with the TESSA methods, often having been involved directly in their development, but more importantly, in implementing TESSA on the ground under a range of contexts.



TESSA training in Kuching, Malaysia

Receiving a certificate at the workshop in Kenya

TESSA training at the ESP Conference in Costa Rica


In addition, TESSA training has taken place in situ on projects that aim to use information on ecosystem services to inform local level decision-making. For examples of sites where TESSA has been used, see Case Studies.


Training reports


TESSA Training in Liberia for TEEB

Demonstrating ecosystem service values in Africa through shared learning (TESSA II report)



Contact us

If you are interested in receiving TESSA training please contact tessa@birdlife.org explaining your reason. We will collate all enquiries and get back to you if we have a training opportunity that would be suitable.  



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