TESSA Publications

Peer-review Publications

Peh et al. (2013) TESSA: A toolkit for rapid assessment of ecosystem services at sites of biodiversity conservation importance Ecosystem Services (5) 51-57

Peh et al. (2014) Potential impact of invasive alien species on ecosystem services provided by a tropical forested ecosystem: a case study from Montserrat Biological Invasions July 2014

Birch, J.C., et al. (2014) What benefits do community forests provide, and to whom? A rapid assessment of ecosystem services from a Himalayan forest in Nepal. Ecosystem Services (8) 118-127

Peh et al. (2014) Benefits and costs of ecological restoration: Rapid assessment of changing ecosystem service values at a U.K. wetland Ecology & Evolution

Thapa, I., et al. (2014) Using information on ecosystem services in Nepal to inform biodiversity conservation and local to national decision-making. Oryx [published online 4 August 2014]

Blaen P.J, Jia L., Peh KS-H., Field R.H., Balmford A., MacDonald M.A. & Bradbury, R.B. (2015) Rapid Assessment of Ecosystem Services Provided by Two Mineral Extraction Sites Restored for Nature Conservation in an Agricultural Landscape in Eastern England. PLoS ONE 10 (4)

Peh, K., Balmford, A., Birch, J., Brown, C., Butchart, S., Daley, J., Dawson, J., Gray, G., Hughes, F., Mendes, S., Millet, J., Stattersfield, A., Thomas, D., Walpole, M. & Bradbury, R. (2015) Potential impact of invasive alien species on ecosystem services provided by a tropical forested ecosystem: a case study from Montserrat. Biological Invasions 17: 461-475

Blaen P.J., MacDonald M.A. & Bradbury, B. (2016) Ecosystem Services Provided by a Former Gravel Extraction Site in the UK Under Two Contrasting Restoration States. Conservation and Society 14(1): 48-56.


Other Publications


CCI and BirdLife (2011) Measuring and monitoring ecosystem services at the site scale. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge Conservation Initiative and BirdLife International


BCN and DNPWC (2012) Conserving biodiversity and delivering ecosystem services at Important Bird Areas in Nepal. Kathmandu and Cambridge, UK: Bird Conservation Nepal, Department of National Parks and Wildlife Conservation, and BirdLife International


BirdLife International y Aves y Conservación (2014). Servicios Ecosistémicos del Parque Nacional Llanganates, Ecuador. BirdLife International y Aves y Conservación.


BirdLife International y Grupo Jaragua (2015). Servicios Ecosistémicos del Parque Nacional Sierra de Bahoruco, República Dominicana. BirdLife International y Grupo Jaragua. 


BirdLife International, BANCA & Ministry of Environment Japan (2015) Measuring Ecosystem Services provided by Moeyungyi Wetland in Myanmar.


Merriman, J.C., Murata, N., (2016) Guide for Rapid Economic Valuation of Wetland Ecosystem Services. BirdLife International Tokyo, Japan.


BirdLife International, Viet Nature Conservation Centre & Ministry of Environment Japan (2016) Benefits of ecosystem services – Thai Thuy Wetland, Vietnam.



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