Sustaining migratory species

black storks upper akkar. Photo: RF Pporter
One quarter of the world’s birds, including Black Stork Ciconia nigra, undergo migrations that are spectacular in their scale but which lead to particular conservation challenges. Photo: R. Porter


Every year the skies fill with migratory birds making incredible journeys along ‘flyways’ that connect their breeding, staging and non-breeding areas. Migratory species are exposed to many different threats during the different stages of their life cycle, and their effects are often cumulative. Populations of many migratory species are declining  at an alarming rate and many previously common migrants are becoming scarcer. Through the Migratory birds and Flyways Programme, BirdLife is working with a range of collaborators to identify and secure networks of IBAs for migratory species, improve and implement policy measures for the conservation of migratory species and their habitats and  develop novel approaches to achieving effective conservation for these species.

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