Migratory Birds and Flyways

  • BirdLife is the global authority on the status of birds. Our work shows that most migratory birds are declining

  • There are BirdLife Partners throughout the world's major flyways, so we are ideally placed to take joined-up action to conserve migratory birds

  • BirdLife's national Partners are working together to protect chains of IBAs used by migrating birds

  • BirdLife is advising governments, industries and development banks on reducing threats to migratory birds

Two thousand species of bird, 20% of all known species, make regular seasonal movements. Many travel thousands of miles between their breeding places and their wintering grounds. More than 40% of these migratory species are declining, and nearly 200 are now classified as globally threatened. They face many dangers: destruction and degradation of habitats, loss of critical stopover sites such as coastal wetlands, illegal hunting, poisoning and pollution, and collisions with badly-sited infrastructure like power lines and wind turbines.

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