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In 2001, BirdLife International and Rio Tinto formed a global partnership to achieve mutually held goals of biodiversity conservation. In 2004, at the IUCN World Conservation Congress in Bangkok, Rio Tinto launched their corporate commitment to have a ‘Net Positive Impact (NPI) on biodiversity; a key goal for the Partnership is to deliver significant, measurable contributions towards this commitment.

Case Study of a groundbreaking business-civil society partnership: the evolving story of the Rio Tinto - BirdLife International Programme

BirdLife’s scientific expertise and global biodiversity databases enable Rio Tinto to identify global conservation priorities and sites that present both risks and opportunities to Rio Tinto operations. Furthermore, through its Global Partnership and grassroots networks, BirdLife is well positioned to identify and develop local collaborative conservation initiatives between Rio Tinto business units and local partners.

The partnership achieves biodiversity conservation through several activities:

  •          Enabling realistic, measurable contributions to Rio Tinto’s corporate commitment to a Net Positive Impact (NPI) on biodiversity
  •          Implementation of collaborative conservation projects relevant to mining operations and to BirdLife Partners.
  •          Promotion of an interest in birds as a gateway to wider environmental awareness through annual birdwatch events
  •          Development and implementation of a group-wide biodiversity strategy among Rio Tinto business units.
  •          Global outreach to advance the debate on corporate responsibility through demonstration of the partnership’s achievements.


Current Projects

Rio Tinto BirdLife Projects 2013 


Past Proje​cts



Contact Details 

For further information about the Rio Tinto-BirdLife International Partnership, contact:

Samir Whitaker, Programme Manager

Rio Tinto-BirdLife International Programme,
BirdLife International,
Wellbrook Court, Girton Road,
Cambridge, CB3 0NA, UK
Tel: +44 (0)1223 277318
Fax: +44 (0)1223 277200

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