Global Conservation Strategy

Partnership in Action (Martin Fowlie)

Our global strategy is developed bottom up by the BirdLife Partnership.

Our strategy directly supports the commitment of the world’s governments to take urgent and effective action to halt the loss of biodiversity, and to achieve the 20 Aichi biodiversity targets by the year 2020

Our strategy has four pillars which, taken together, are BirdLife’s approach to conservation

  1. Save Species
  2. Conserve Sites and Habitats
  3. Encourage Ecological Sustainability 
  4. Enable Positive Change through People


BirdLife’s Objectives

Each strategic pillar is underpinned by two to three strategic objectives.


Save Species


Conserve Sites and Habitats


Encourage Ecological Sustainability

 Enable Positive Change through People

-Prevent extinctions

-Keep common birds common


-Identify, conserve, restore and monitor the sites and habitats important for birds and other biodiversity

-Promote resilient ecological networks


-Demonstrate and advocate nature’s values

-Promote policies that support sustainability


-Catalyse support for nature

-Promote local conservation action 

-Strengthen the global BirdLife Partnership