23 Nov 2011

An Introduction to Conservation and Human Rights for BirdLife Partners

By David Thomas

The BirdLife Partnership has a strong record of working collaboratively with local communities and Indigenous peoples worldwide. BirdLife is committed to working at the grassroots – empowering local people (including through support to Local Conservation Groups), building capacity for conservation and development, and supporting and advancing the right to a healthy environment. In 2011, BirdLife adopted a position on conservation and human rights (Conserving Biodiversity, Respecting Rights: BirdLife’s Position, http://www.birdlife.org/action/ground/conservation-rights/index.html) through which BirdLife reaffirmed its commitment to respect, support and promote the realisation of human rights wherever appropriate within the scope of its conservation programmes. An Introduction to Conservation and Human Rights for BirdLife Partners provides an overview of some of the human rights relevant to a conservation context. Using examples from across the BirdLife network it demonstrates how conservation can help fulfil rights, whilst also drawing attention to the potential for conservation to impact negatively on local people. It offers some practical guidance on how to integrate human rights into conservation projects and programmes, and provides links to readily available resources for further information. To download click here