How to save albatrosses from bycatch - video

By Rory Crawford, 27 Aug 2015

Video now available in more languages

The BirdLife Marine Programme’s work to reduce seabird bycatch in high seas fisheries will be familiar to followers of our efforts to save several albatross species from extinction.

We have succeeded in encouraging all five tuna Regional Fisheries Management Organisations (RFMOs – the bodies that manage high seas fisheries) to put seabird conservation measures in place, requiring vessels to deploy bycatch mitigation on board. Our next task is to help ensure that these measures are actively implemented on vessels and track their efficacy in reducing seabird bycatch.

BirdLife's work is good for birds and good for fishermen

To that end, and thanks to funding from the International Seafood Sustainability Foundation, we have developed an instructional film for the skippers and crew of longline vessels, highlighting the issue of seabird bycatch and describing the simple and effective measures that can be taken to minimise fishing impacts on seabird populations. While this is mainly aimed at fishermen, it’s stuffed full off great albatross footage and neatly illustrates how to solve the problem of bycatch in longliners – so we thought we’d share it with you!

The film’s introduction clearly shows the threats albatrosses are faced with, and why these incredible species (of which there are plenty of beautiful shots!) have declined so dramatically – an important reminder of the urgency of BirdLife’s crucial work.

Thanks to the International Seafood Sustainability Foundation for funding the development of this instructional film and to the David & Lucile Packard Foundation for their ongoing support to our work with high seas fishing fleets.