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Amelia Atlas Skylander

Amelia is a Wandering Albatross. With the longest recorded wing-span of any bird on earth (up to 3.5 meters). Wanderers are an imposing sight. When Amelia was too big for her nest, a quest to find herself led to a four-year foray across the world’s oceans. She first returned to Bird island back in 1987 and started returning more often when she met Atlas 25 years ago. She was attracted to his relaxed personality that reminded her of herself and the rest is history. At 36, this protective mother-hen is a Mum ten times over - with Number Ten still a little floofball.

Like Amelia, Atlas is a Wandering Albatross. He fledged in 1978, making him 40 this year. He returned for the first time in 1982. He had chicks with two other females, then, in 1994, he met Amelia. When they started their family they would spend all their time together on the island - except when one had to leave to bring back fish and squid for the family. Then they would miss each other as these trips could last two weeks. But, like an old married couple, these two are ecstatic to be reunited after months at sea and happy they have brought a new chick into their lives.

Skylander is the crème-de-la-crème of the racing world - reaching speeds as high as 127km per hour! As soon as he was big enough he set off to see the world. He travels as far as 13,000km in one go - that’s about 310 marathons! He didn’t return for seven years and in 2008 he met his mate-for-life. A true stay-at-home dad, Skylander has taken on most of the parental duties bringing up their chicks. He sat on the nest for most of the 70 days of incubation for their latest arrival - their second chick together, Bobby!