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Spring is in the air

With Spring in the air – Boris, Irina and Ainur, the three Sociable Lapwings we fitted with satellite tags in Kazakhstan last summer, have all left their wintering areas and are now on the way back to their breeding grounds.

Irina arrives in eastern Turkey

All three of our satellite-tagged Sociable Lapwings are still transmitting strong signals. Of note is the particularly fast migration south by Irina who is now in Eastern Turkey.

Spring migration is underway

Birders following The Amazing Journey have sent us several recent reports confirming that Sociable Lapwings are now on the move again and have started their long migrations back from their wintering grounds.

Erzhan – 5th Update

After an absence of any firm location data for nearly one month, Erzhan announced his presence again this weekend when we received a new transmission confirming he has left Kazakhstan, passed through Russia and Georgia and has now arrived, right on cue, in Eastern Turkey.