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Dinara is nearly home

Following a number of ambiguous signals over the past few weeks, we have just received confirmation that Dinara has made it back to southern Kazakhstan.

Dinara heads north

After spending the winter in western India (near the city of Ahmedabad in Gujarat) Dinara has set off on a long journey north back towards her breeding grounds and is now already in Tajikistan about 50 km north-east of Khorog.

Spring migration starts early in Syria?

Syrian conservationists and RSPB staff conducting surveys in Syria this week, were surprised to discover Sociable Lapwings present in the country and apparently already on the return leg from their wintering grounds.

Record flock of Sociable Lapwings discovered in Oman.

Exciting news has just reached us that a country record flock of 90+ Sociable Lapwings was present at Salalah in Oman on Christmas Day, 2010.

Ace navigator Erzhan emerges in Sudan for a fourth consecutive winter.

After an absence of any firm location data since early October, Erzhan – our most experienced traveller – has just popped up on our radar again. For the fourth year running we can confirm he is now back in a wintering flock in Sudan.

Dinara celebrates New Year in India

A new transmission just received from Dinara now locates her close to the city of Ahmedabad in Gujarat.

Abaj springs Christmas surprise

A surprise transmission from Abaj on Thursday December 23rd alerted us that he was still alive, his transmitter was once again functioning and he was probably now wintering somewhere in the Middle East. Today we have just received the great news of a further transmission from Abaj that places him a few kilometres north of Al Qa’arah in the west of Saudi Arabia.

Dinara tracked from breeding to wintering grounds

One of our tagged Sociable Lapwings has been tracked all the way from the breeding grounds in Kazakhstan to wintering grounds around the Great Rann of Kutch. Dinara, an adult female Sociable Lapwing tagged in May 2010 at Birlik in central Kazakhstan, was tracked spending at least ten days in the Indus valley in Pakistan […]

Tatyana adds more to our knowledge

‘The Amazing Journey’ project was designed primarily to improve our understanding of the migration routes that Critically Endangered Sociable Lapwings use so that conservation measures can be put in place. The data we are now obtaining is proving extremely interesting. For example Tatyana, an adult female Sociable Lapwing tagged in May 2010 at Kantarlau in […]

Adventurers arrive in The Gulf

Two new eye-witness reports we have just received confirm Sociable Lapwings are now passing further south through the Middle East and have arrived in The Gulf.