Spring migration is underway

Birders following The Amazing Journey have sent us several recent reports confirming that Sociable Lapwings are now on the move again and have started their long migrations back from their wintering grounds.

Winter update and request for recent sightings

Last September, four Sociable Lapwings left Kazakhstan to begin their migrations fitted with working satellite transmitters but shortly afterwards we unfortunately stopped receiving any transmissions. We are however, pleased to now be able to report on a number of sightings we have recently received that confirm the presence of Sociable Lapwings in most of their regular wintering areas.

Ainur’s second move

Ainur 2nd coordinate 300913 37.9726,65.60582

Ainur’s first move

Ainur, 123087 first move on September 22nd , 2013.38.09N, 65.6E

Boris’s second journey

45.3556,44.31553  30,09,13

Boris’s first move

46.900000, 46.500000 22/09/13

Irina’s third location


Irina’s second location

45.033,46.25 22/09/13

Irina’s First move

September 22nd 2013. 46.7,56.7

Ainur tagging venue

Ainur  is an adult female Sociable Lapwing tagged on June 4th, 2013 about 100km south west of Astana in Central Kazakhstan. In Kazakh her name means ‘shine of the moon’. 50.10493, 70.54606 In order to help our scientists spot her in a large flock during migration she was colour ringed. Her colour ring combination is [...]