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“My search for Irina in Tabuk”

Following the discovery that Irina had reached North West Saudi Arabia in late October, further satellite transmissions mid-November indicated she was still present near Tabuk.

Irina reaches Saudi Arabia

Irina is now in North West Saudi Arabia near Tabuk and appears to be in an area of irrigated, agricultural pivot fields.

Irina arrives in eastern Turkey

All three of our satellite-tagged Sociable Lapwings are still transmitting strong signals. Of note is the particularly fast migration south by Irina who is now in Eastern Turkey.

Satellite-tagged Sociable Lapwings are on the move again

With a lack of trackable Sociable Lapwings to report on over the last year, we are delighted to now reactivate the Amazing Journey website to bring you news about the migrations of three new birds that scientists from RSPB and ACBK fitted with satellite tags earlier this year.

Ainur’s second move

Ainur 2nd coordinate 300913 37.9726,65.60582

Ainur’s first move

Ainur, 123087 first move on September 22nd , 2013.38.09N, 65.6E

Boris’s second journey

45.3556,44.31553  30,09,13

Boris’s first move

46.900000, 46.500000 22/09/13

Irina’s third location


Irina’s second location

45.033,46.25 22/09/13