Syria hosts inaugural meeting of the Sociable Lapwing International Working Group.

Conservation scientists and government officials from fourteen countries spanning three continents are meeting in Syria today to plan collaborative conservation action that aims to prevent the extinction of the Critically Endangered Sociable Lapwing. Countries which have sent representatives include, Ethiopia, India, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Russia, Saudia Arabia, Sudan, Syria, Turkey and United Kingdom.

The event marks the inaugural meeting of the Sociable Lapwing International Working Group which was recently formed under the Africa Eurasia Waterbirds Agreement (AEWA) and takes place in Palmyra, from 18th – 20th March.

The meeting is hosted by the General Commission for Al Badia Management and Development (GCB) and the Syrian Ministry of State for Environment Affairs and is facilitated by the Syrian Society for Conservation of Wildlife (SSCW) BirdLife’s Affiliate in Syria and The BirdLife International Middle East Secretariat. While conducted in English, simultaneous Arabic interpretation is being provided.

During the next three days the working group will review the revised International Single Species Action Plan; agree conservation measures required by each country and plan co-ordinated, cross border actions to protect Sociable Lapwings throughout their extensive intercontinental range.

Additional support and funding to help stage and facilitate this meeting has been gratefully received from, Swarovski Optik and RSPB (BirdLife Species Champions for Sociable Lapwing), The BirdLife Preventing Extinctions Programme, AEWAThe Darwin Initiative, Save Our Species and the Hanns Seidel Foundation.

You can follow progress from this meeting, receive information about ongoing conservation action for Sociable Lapwing and track the species’ migration by signing up for automated email alerts here.

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  1. Rob Sheldon 27. Mar, 2011 at 5:47 pm #

    What a great workshop and what fantastic hosts!! So much enthusiasm from everyone.
    Two days hard work, country updates and exchange of ideas. The final version of the Sociable Lapwing International Single Species Action Plan was widely supported by all attendees and will now be finalised in the coming months.

    Further news covering the conservation planning outcomes of the Syria meeting will be posted to the Amazing Journey website shortly once conclusions have been consolidated and announced formally by the AEWA Secretariat.

    Rob Sheldon (Darwin Project Leader – Sociable Lapwing project RSPB)

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