Pacific Regional Programme

Photo: ©William Crosse

We implement conservation projects across the Pacific region, with a particular focus on restoring oceanic islands to their former glory.

Our Pacific Regional Programme brings together national efforts towards bird conservation in a focused and strategic manner. We revise and update the plan at the biennial regional Partnership meetings. 

Our Regional Partners have identified the following priorities as the most crucial:


  • We will undertake immediate conservation action on the most threatened bird species in the Pacific - preventing new extinctions.
  • We will encourage the search for those Pacific species that are currently ‘lost’ (we know of no known population) or Data Deficient (we have no information about conservation status).
  • We will co-ordinate or support surveys and research that identifies key threats to the seabirds of the Pacific - and implement action that addresses those threats.

Sites and Habitats

  • We will complete the Important Bird and Biodiversity Area (IBA) inventories for all Pacific Island Countries and Territories and implement actions that address the principle threats at the most important of these sites.
  • We will continue to develop networks of Site Support Groups (Local Conservation Groups) to provide the local capacity to actively manage and conserve a significant proportion of IBAs in our Partner countries. 


  • We will seek opportunities to develop landscape-scale conservation programmes such as sustainable forestry and catchment management, supported by information on wider ecosystem values.
  • We will continue to establish island refuges in appropriate locations across the region by reducing the impact of threats and providing conservation benefits so that they do not require continuous long-term input for delivery


  • We will provide encouragement to at least 3,500 people across the Pacific, in particular traditional land-owning communities, to sustainably manage their natural resources by showcasing the range of measures that we have already supported across the region.
  • We will encourage at least 20,000 people to experience the wonder of birds and all biodiversity across the Pacific. 
  • We will increase the capacity of our current partnership to effectively deliver conservation action to benefit those species and sites most in need.
  • We will expand the BirdLife Pacific Partnership to at least two new priority countries.

These priorities, represent vital measures that can and should be undertaken to ensure the future of the  unique bird species of this far-flung region.


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