Local Empowerment - Pacific

With limited resources for conservation work, the survival and recovery of species and ecosystems depends on the willingness and ability of local people to manage and protect them. BirdLife's Local Empowerment Programme aims to provide more effective support for local conservation actions, and to strengthen and expand networks of local organisations. BirdLife and its Partners have already established more than 2000 Local Conservation Groups at Important Bird and Biodiversity Areas. 

BirdLife in the Pacific has developed an award-winning approach which has resulted in landowning clans in Fiji declaring their own Community-Based Protected Areas, while generating new sustainable incomes for themselves. This model, based on communities’ historical and cultural ties with their land, is highly "Pacific" in its approach, which makes it widely applicable across the region. 

BirdLife Partners in New Caledonia, French Polynesia, Palau, the Cook Islands and elsewhere in Fiji have asked for support to develop their own community-based forest conservation projects at forest Important Bird and Biodiversity Areas (IBAs). Together they form a Pacific network of Local Empowerment Programme Demonstration Sites that will showcase approaches, share lessons and replicate successes.

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BirdLife in the Pacific has released a new video about a community conservation project in Fiji.

The Pacific Local Empowerment Programme has been kindly supported by the Aage V. Jensen Foundation, Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund, UK Darwin Initiative and BirdLife Community Conservation Fund, Equator Prize, GEF-SGP.

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