1 Oct 2010

Arcadia update - Nature Fiji

By Nick Askew
NatureFiji-MareqetiViti field officer has been searching for burrows of the enigmatic Fiji petrel (pictured) and was pleasantly surprised to finally find a burrow occupied by a Collared Petrel chick. Collared Petrel is an Endangered species, believed to be extirpated from mainland Fiji because of the introduced Mongoose.
This project has attracted petrel experts who have taught local villagers and the project officer relevant conservation techniques during their stay at the project site. After two years of research and advocacy work on the sustainable use of the endangered and endemic Fiji Sago palm by Nature Fiji, landowners of sago palm forests, harvesters, and government officials declared a Sago palm planting day on Nature Fiji’s 3rd birthday, June 30th 2010. 1000 Sago palms were planted on the day. The Fiji Department of Environment and the National Environment Council also endorsed the Fiji Sago Palm Recovery Plan submitted by Nature Fiji. Fiji's Biosecurity and Agriculture department pledged their support for Nature Fiji and allowed the introduction of a new species of palm to Fiji to substitute the unsustainable palm heart trade which harvests 200 endangered Fiji sago palms a week.