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Marine life is dying…at the end of a fisherman’s hook, or embroiled in one of their nets. Countless iconic species (including seabirds, turtles and marine mammals) fall victim to this cruel fate in potentially devastating numbers – from the beloved Harbour porpoise and Loggerhead Turtle to the Critically Endangered Balearic Shearwater. Over 200,000 seabirds and up to 130,000 turtles are accidentally caught and killed each year.

Endangered sharks are dying in fishing nets. In need of protection, many of these are intentionally caught.

Baby fish are being taken from the oceans before they have had the chance to reproduce and contribute to the future of our fisheries, disturbing the recovery cycle of fish populations.

Ocean habitats, home to enigmatic and highly biodiverse sea life, are being lost from benthic trawling and experimental gear.


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Information on sensitive species bycatch:

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European Parliament documents:

  • COM/2016/0134 final - 2016/074 (COD) - European Parliament Position



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