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Suwarrow Blog 18 - Farewell Suwarrow

Thu, 30/05/2013
The team have finished their final operation to remove rats from Suwarrow, and are halfway home to Rarotonga on their Vaka...

Suwarrow Blog 17 - Returning to the real world

Mon, 27/05/2013
Today the team reflect on the potential success of their expedition to save Suwarrow’s seabirds, and ready themselves for their return trip to the real world.

Suwarrow blog 16 - A day of rest

Fri, 24/05/2013
Today the team feast with the very welcome visitors to Suwarrow and celebrate some luck with the weather...

Regent Honeyeaters on the loose

Thu, 23/05/2013
The captive-breeding-and-release program formulated to boost the population of Regent Honeyeaters in Australia has just set 38 more birds into the wild, where they have become reacquainted with an old friend...

Suwarrow Blog 15 - A flotilla on the lagoon and Moon’s future decided

Thu, 23/05/2013
Today the team hope the weather won’t be against them again as they eye their impending departure date with a new crew member...

Plight of wetland bird recognised in Australia

Tue, 21/05/2013
Why is the Australian Painted Snipe being placed on the national Endangered List good news? It means that the beleaguered shorebird can finally receive the level of protection that it needs to survive...

Suwarrow Blog 14 - Breeding season peaks as a moonlit feline stowaway appears

Mon, 20/05/2013
Today the crew are gathering seabird survey results, watching out for ominous rainclouds and wondering at the provenance of the newest resident to emerge from the shadows...

Suwarrow Blog 13 - Larcenous saboteurs and creative crab-chefs

Fri, 17/05/2013
Today the team search for more islets with rat inhabitants and find the inquisitive coconut crabs have a culinary bent...

Suwarrow Blog Twelve – Rainy days and frigatebird dance-offs

Wed, 15/05/2013
The latest blog from wildlife filmmaker Nick Hayward as he joins a team from BirdLife and Te Ipukarea Society (BirdLife in the Cook Islands) eradicating rats from Suwarrow – a seabird mecca in the South Pacific. Wet weather has brought with it some bad news for the operation...