IBAs of the Middle East - status and trend report, steps for regional IBA update

Since the regional inventory, the process of Important Bird and Biodiversity Areas (IBAs) identification has been underway in several countries in the region, including three national inventories in Palestine, Jordan and Lebanon. Several sites identified as IBAs in 1994 have changed in their status, and new sites may now qualify, or existing sites may cease to qualify as IBAs. To document changes to the status of IBAs in the region, a comprehensive review of these sites will be implemented aiming at producing a status and trend report for the Middle East IBAs.

This report will be the first attempt to integrate the results of IBA monitoring in BirdLife Partner countries in the Middle East into a regional synthesis showing the status of IBA in the region and an overview of the findings.

The BirdLife Middle East Partnership during the regional meeting in Iraqi Kurdistan May 2012 agreed to support the production of a regional IBA status and trend report to be published in 2014. This initiative will be funded by the Hima Fund as a major contributor to the conservation of IBAs in the region.

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