Middle East

Local Engagement and Empowerment Programme - Middle East

The Partnership puts special emphasis on building national and regional capacities to achieve conservation goals. Supporting, working with and developing capacities for Local Communities within and around IBAs is an integral part of the site-based intervention supported by the Hima Fund and other interventions at IBAs related to establishing, nourishing and networking IBA Local Conservation Groups.

BirdLife International, the Middle Eastern Partnership and other BirdLife Partners around the Mediterranean serve as the Regional Implementation Team (RIT) for the CEPF Mediterranean Hotspot. They invite and provide grants for, among other activities, promoting innovative partnerships between NGOs, government, local communities and land-owners to enhance conservation and connectivity in five landscape corridors in the Mediterranean Basin, and and building local capacity to achieve conservation activities at Key Biodiversity Areas.

In order to expand the partnership within the Middle East, develop capacities and diversify funding to the Partnership, we recently initiated efforts to establish a presence in the Gulf Council Countries, to mobilize resources for the Partnership’s programme implementation. 

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