Middle East

Syria - Syrian Society for Conservation of Wildlife (SSCW)

BirdLife Affiliate

Founded in 2003
65 members
Staff: 3
Al-Mazza- Al-Sheikh Saad , Shabaan Building No.20 - 1st floor, Damascus, SY
Fax: 00963 11 6622263; Mobile: 00963 944 277 800

Our Mission

SSCW is a pioneering organization that works for a sustainable wildlife within a frame of solid relations and partnership to the development of the society. SSCW operates within the Syrian Arab Republic and in cooperation with the national authorities to ensure the protection of all biodiversity components including animals, and plants, for terrestrial, marine and fresh water organisms. It aims at the rehabilitation of all endangered species regardless of the level of threat. SSCW works to protect the wildlife, its natural ecosystem, habitats and environment in balanced and sustainable manner through gaining internal regional and international support to respond to the needs of all humanity and to link that to local development programs within a constructive and participatory approach.


The Strategic Goals

  • Promoting SSCW as a pioneering body in the field of wildlife conservation.
  • Building an effective network of members and volunteers in Syria.
  • Participating in the national programs to run protected areas including private initiatives.
  • Contributing to the management of biodiversity components and ecosystems.
  • Taking a leading national role in organizing all types of hunting and fishing in Syria.
  • Promoting ecotourism as a tool to support wildlife conservation efforts and to back up local communities.
  • Participating in building capacities on the national level for the sustainability and conservation of biodiversity.
  • Working to enhance environment awareness for the public in Syria.
  • Completing the institutional capabilities of SSCW as a strong and effective Syrian NGO.
  • Securing the needed funds to achieve the goals of the organization. Networking at all national, regional and international levels to realize all the aspirations of the organization


Some SSCW projects

1. Capacity Building of members and volunteers

2. Contributing to the renovation of the national law for hunting. SSCW is a member of the Higher Council for Hunting in Syria.

3. The conservation of the critically endangered Northern Bald Ibis working in cooperation with BirdLife International, RSPB, Al-Badia Commission, the Ministry of Agriculture and Agrarian Reform and the Ministry of State for Environment Affairs.

4. Launching a pioneer project “Conservation of  Biodiversity through Eco-tourism” within a regional programme directed by RSCN in Jordan, funded by Swiss International Cooperation Agency, at Al-Jabboul area, an important RAMSAR site for migratory birds.

5. SSCW is a member in the national commission for the management of Deir Mar Musa protected area

6. Bird Survey of Al-Jabboul protected area.

7. Promoting sustainable hunting Project in Al-Jabboul wetland area

8. Lesser White-fronted Goose conservation Project

9. SSCW is cooperating with IUCN (The International Union for the Conservation of Nature) in a project about “Improving the sustainable management of natural resources”

10. SSCW is the focal NGO in Syria for the profiling project in the Mediterranean Hotspot.

11. Green light project Massar.

12. Sociable Lapwing Monitoring and conservation project in Cooperation with BirdLife International, RSPB, AEWA, Al-Badia Commission, and Ministry of State for Environment Affairs.

13. Participating in the Migratory Soaring Birds Project (MSB) to  protect bird species along the Rift Valley and the Red Sea.

14- Improving the Conservation Status of Globally Threatened birds at Al-Jabboul Wetland through Promoting and Implementing Sustainable Hunting Practices


Near Future Projects

1. Hima (Regional Protected Areas System) revival Project in Syria.

2. Sfiereh Tahtani (Mhemedieh) wetland protection

3. KBAs survey project

4. Regional Red List project

5. Updating the National Syrian IBAs

6. Establishing ringing stations and launching a national bird ringing scheme


Some SSCW achievements

1. SSCW had issued Birds of Syria (Field Guide)

2. Report on the hunting situation in Al-Jabboul wetland area as a results of the Improving the Conservation Status of Globally Threatened birds at Al- Jabboul Wetland through Promoting and Implementing Sustainable Hunting Practices Project.

3. Management Plan for Al-Jabboul protected area as a result of “Conservation of Biodiversity through Eco-tourism” Project 

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