Middle East

Palestine - Palestine Wildlife Society (PWLS)

BirdLife Partner

Founded in 1998
120 members
Staff: 10
PO Box 89, Biet Sahour, PS

Mission of the organisation

"Conservation and enhancement of Palestine Biodiversity & Wildlife."

In order to achieve its goals, the following objectives are being established:

  • Conservation and management of species and habitats
  • Education and promotion of wildlife and nature
  • Active participation and involvement of local communities in conservationand sustainable development of resources


Key Activities

Nature Conservation Program

  • Research & monitoring of birds in Palestine, with an emphasis on:
  • Endangered, Endemic & Migratory Birds
  • Seabird and Wetlands Research Conservation Program


Capacity building

Training of local & regional ecologists in nature conversation & management
Establishment of Wildlife Monitoring & Ringing (Banding) Stations in three main locations - Beit Jala, Jericho & Gaza
Education and Promotion Program:

Education and promotion of wildlife and habitats through activities with school trips to nature reserves and similar activities
Production of printing materials including posters, magazines and videos etc.
Inclusion of Wildlife Conservation in National Curriculum for Schools
Introducing the concept of Eco-tourism to Palestinian society.



Controlling and decreasing the phenomenon that causes desertification through controlling overgrazing and forestation of the different areas with the native plants.
PWLS Departments


This department plays a major role in achieving the PWLS objectives.

Marketing Division

This division specialises in covering the process of finding funding agencies that help in covering the proposals that PWLS produce.

Nature Multimedia Division

This division specialises in preparing and producing environmental- and awareness-raising materials such as video films, informational CDs, TV documentaries, graphic design etc.


This department aims to enhance and spread environmental education and awareness among local communities all over the Palestinian Territories. It uses different methods, and applies different programs to achieve this, such as eco-schools, student environmental mail and other environmental publications.


This department conducts monitoring and wildlife surveys including bird ringing and mapping (GIS), giving a complete insight into endangered species and their migration routes and behaviour etc.


Recent Achievements

National Achievements

Implementing the IBA project “Important Bird Areas in Palestine”
Been a part of the New Curricula committee for the Ministry of Education that deals with conservation education for 7th to 10th grades
Been part of the Biodiversity Strategy Action Plan with the Environmental Quality Authority during 1997-1999
Have trained hundreds of students, teachers, farmers, households, women, and other target groups in environmental issues
Environmental Education Activities covering different schools (public, private and ANRWA) in the West Bank and Gaza through our leaders or other NGOs or GOs in those areas

International Achievements

BirdLife International: An Affiliate in 1999; Partner Designate in 2001 and Full Partner in 2004
Euronatur- Germany: Became a partner in 1999
OISCA - Japan International: Palestine Chapter in the year of 2001
Friends of Earth - Middle East: 2001
United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification - UNCCD: PWLS gained Accreditation status with UNCCD in 2001
Global Environmental Facility - GEF: Gained Accreditation status in 2002
Ornithological Society of the Middle East - OSME: Country Contact (2002)

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