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Kuwait - Environment Protection Society (KEPS)

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Staff: 11
PO Box 1896, 13019, Safat , KW
Tel. No.: +965-24848256; Fax No.: +965-24837856

Recent Achievements

KEPS Organised a work shop in July 2011 about one week in ( Ways of Accounting Birds ) conducted by Dr. Mohammed Shobraq , 10 trainees attended this course .

Issued the annual report of number eight, ninth and tenth for Birds of Kuwait.

In May 2011 the Birds Monitoring Protection Team (BMPT) in KEPS had shared the world in the occasion of The International Day of Accounting Birds by organizing trip to shore of Kuwait Bay to account the sea birds.

In October 2011 BMPT organized a work shop in KEPS head quarter about OverHunting in Kuwait introduced by Cristeen Conzila member of the team , the attendance were from different sectors from the government , the goal of this work shop is to focus on the overhunting problem that going in Kuwait and the dangerous on the birds migration which could reduce the number of the birds crossing over Kuwait and how can we minimize shooting and apply the law on those shooters whom violating Gun Law in Kuwait  .

In December 2011 BMPT have organized a work shop and introduced plan called ( Strategic Plan for Sustainable Hunting in Kuwait )  shared by all the important government sectors in Kuwait , the goals of this workshop are:

1- Identify and determine the causes of the overhunting in Kuwait .

2- Identify the species that most exposed to hunt .

3- Identify the important migrating areas that shooters were always visiting to hunt .

4- Gather the hunters under an official umbrella .

5- Determine specific season and days for hunting .

6- Identify the birds that on the red list extinction to hunters .

7- Engaging the hunters on the decisions regarding the hunting organized .


Under going on printing of the Field Guide of the Birds of Kuwait contain 391 birds recorded in Kuwait , the book will be ready by the end of this October 2012 , the details of the book  consists of :

1- Message of KEPS

2- Acknowledgment .

3- Index .

4- Introduction of Kuwait .

5- Kuwait Weather and Climate .

6- Birds Forms and Graphics .

7- Birds Plates

8- Birds Identifications

9- Site of Monitoring

10- List of the Birds

11- References .









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