Nature Iraq's work highlighted in TED Worldwide Talent Search

By Adrian Long, Thu, 12/07/2012 - 13:45

Azzam Alwash, Founder and President of Nature Iraq, BirdLife in Iraq gave a presentation at the recent TED Worldwide Talent Search on protecting Iraq's natural environment and rich cultural heritage. As part of the TED global talent search they've staged special TED salons in 14 cities around the world. Their plan is to discover a broad new array of thinkers and doers. The best of them will be invited to California in February 2013 to share their work with the world.

Middle East Iraq


الاخ الکریم عزام علوش السلام علیکم نحن نرحب بهذا المشروع و نتمنا لکم التوفیق لان الطیور الموجوده فی العراق خاصة فی المستنقعات تحتاج الی حمایه واسعه من قبیل المثال دخلة القصب البصریه (Basra Reed Warbler) و... والسلام علیکم مجید

"...If there is a will, there is a way..." This presentation brought tears to my eyes. Thank you, very much for posting

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