Middle East
19 Oct 2015

Key Fundraising Manual now available in Arabic

Front cover of the Fundraising Manual
By CEPF Eastern Afromontane Hotspot

As part of the CEPF funded project in the Eastern Afromontane hotspot, “Capacity Building on Environmental Safeguard and the Environmental Impact Assessment Process for Civil Society Organizations in Yemen”, the United Society for Developing Water Resources and Environment (USDWE) has finalized the Arabic translation of the fundraising guide “Institutional Fundraising for Conservation Projects” by Maaike Manten and Caroline Pridham (both authors work for BirdLife International).

If asked about their nemesis, chances are that most conservationists will point to the lack of funding. Indeed, people working in biodiversity conservation almost constantly face difficulties in securing the necessary funds to achieve their mission successfully. The “Institutional Fundraising for Conservation Projects” book was designed to help conservationists overcome this challenge by providing guidance and support to raise adequate funding for their projects, programmes and organisations. This manual adopts a systematic approach and includes a mixture of theoretical tools, practical examples and insightful tips based on years of fundraising experience. It focuses on fundraising from institutional donors and multilateral schemes.

This book, published by BirdLife International, is available in English, Spanish, French and now in Arabic.

English [Link] / Spanish [Link] / French [Link] / Arabic [Link]

 “Caroline and I produced the first version of this book in English, for the BirdLife Pacific Partnership in 2008; it is wonderful to see it now translated into three other languages, and being used across the world!” said Maaike Manten, one of the two authors. “We sincerely hope that conservationists in Yemen, and in other Arabic-speaking countries, will find this book useful, and that it will help them to raise money for their projects!”      

In Yemen, a recently conducted assessment study by Enviromatics and funded by CEPF revealed that CSOs identified fundraising as one of the main gaps that should be targeted by capacity building programmes. USDWE took the initiative of translating the “Institutional Fundraising for Conservation Projects” book into Arabic to provide stakeholders and targeted community organizations in Yemen and the region with the needed knowledge to increase their fundraising skills and better understand the fundraising requirements and criteria of donors that are key to a successful proposal.

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“When USDWE delivered the fundraising training for the participants from Yemen, we observed the crucial need for an Arabic version of the fundraising guidelines” said the project manager Ms. Obyda Hummash. She added, “the participants were attentive to every single word of the training as their organizations are lacking the needed financial resources for their important conservation activities, but the language barrier prevented them from understanding the donors’ requirements and how to approach them. With the Arabic version of the fundraising manual, we are optimistic that their opportunities will be enhanced and enriched”.

The focus of USDWE’s capacity building project is to build capacity of Yemeni civil society organisations (CSO) on environmental safeguards, and to strengthen institutional capacities to engage in resource mobilization.